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The Labirinto & Chef Maurizio

Labirinto di Adriano as well as being a historic-archaeological site, it is also a restaurant that offers its guests the opportunity to taste traditional typical dishes of Orvieto. The restaurant offers handmade pasta, artisan bread, local meats and desserts that derive from Adriano's pastry shop that opened in 1962 by the father of Maurizio, who is now the master pastry and restaurant chef. Don't miss Maurizio's pralines in all its flavors, shapes and sweet surprises. The restaurant is set in the tufa characteristic of Orvieto and has 60 seats (according to the new anti-COVID 19 restrictions).

Alessandra and Angelica organize business lunches, personalized menus for groups and suggestive tastings or aperitifs in the cave, with a visit to the Labyrinth (in English, German and French), free for restaurant customers.

photos by Filiberto Mariani